Why we are doing this ?


“Why we are doing this ?”

“There are thousands of mentally challenged persons out there on the streets, wandering insane, and will treating a few make any difference?”

“How long can we cope with the requirements of food, clothing, medicines, shelter, and the difficulties involved in reaching the patient to his native place?”

“Would our work & our efforts really matter & create that much needed change in the attitude of society towards mental illness?”


These are soul searching questions to which we do not have sure answers. Being human, we are incomplete, imperfect and fallible.

But we believe when we started all this, and we believe even today, that each individual deserves love, hope, dignity and basic human rights. There are a very few organisations in India who are working towards the betterment of homeless mentally challenged persons, as this requires a lot of devotion, time, medical attention and human resource.

We cannot even imagine how these individuals survived without any help, no shelter and little to no food in blazing heat, in freezing cold and in rain. We are devoted and will be always be motivated towards helping them irrespective of the odds.

It’s our humble request to you to join hands and work towards this cause. The more people will know about this, the more knowledge will flow.

If you believe in cause and want to help us, please donate.