Success Stories

Mata Ji
One of our followers from delhi called us regarding Mata Ji when he found about her wandering on the streets. When she was brought in by us, her condition was inhumane. Her skull bones was visible, she had lice, ulcers, bruises and festering wounds on her body. After her treatment started, she began responding and getting better day by day. She does not remember her name, her family and from where she belongs. Mata Ji is quite well and living with us.

Prabhu Akash Ji
The photograph on the left shows Akash Ji when he was brought in from the streets, confused, unable to talk and ill. With care and treatment he is now living us happy and peacefully. Participating in daily prayers and helping in routine work.

Savitri Ji
When savitri ji was brought in she desperately needed treatment on her skull and within six short weeks of nursing, psychiatric care and treatment she started showing recovery. She is living with under proper surveillance and care.

Let these images speak for our work…