Our Work and Progress

These are “before and now” images of few of our 54 residents at Apna Ashiana Divyang Home.

Some of our resident’s condition when they were found can be described as unimaginable and inhumane as they resorted to feed themselves from trash and sleep on roadsides because of helplessness. Now they have someone to feed them, clean them and properly take care of their needs.

We are trying our best with available resources to give these individuals a better life and feel loved.

We call our residents “Prabhuji” and you are more than welcome to visit us anytime.

“Images Speak Louder Than Words”

1. Prabhu Akash Ji

2. Prabhu Akbar Ji

3. Prabhu Ashok Ji

4. Prabhu Mangu Ji

5. Prabhu Mangat Ji

6. Prabhu Jatin Ji

7. Prabhu Rakesh Ji

8. Prabhu Balwinder Ji

9. Prabhu Naresh Ji

10. Prabhu Nikku Ji

11. Prabhu Om Ji

12. Prabhu Janak Ji

13. Prabhu Arun Ji

14. Prabhu Chandan Ji

15. Prabhu Jnardhan Ji

16. Prabhu Goldy Ji

17. Prabhu Shiv Ji

18.  Prabhu Praveen Ji

19. Prabhu Kailash Ji 

20. Prabhu Amit Ji

21. Prabhu Krishan Ji

22. Prabhu Deep Ji

23. Prabhu Nagla Ji