Apna Ashiana Divyang Home

For the last 18 months we are taking care of homeless divyang (mentally challenged and disabled) individuals at our Divyang Home in Karnal, Haryana.

Currently we are caring for 54 residents and have 3 full-time staff and 7 volunteers helping us in this cause.

Our Work and Progress

We call our residents “Prabhuji

Who are these individuals ?

These are homeless mentally challenged and disabled individuals (divyang) who were abandoned by their families or do not have anyone to take care of them, they don’t know where they used to live, have no identification documents and some of them don’t even know their name . Because of their conditions and special needs they are unable to perform routine tasks and work to fulfill their basic needs. Some of our residents can barely speak properly and need serious medical attention.

The conditions of some of our residents when they were found can be described as unimaginable and inhumane as they resorted to feed themselves from trash and sleep on roadsides because of helplessness.

Why we need your help ?

Currently we depend on local donations from visitors and our personal savings. Our divyang home is fully occupied and unfortunately we are not in a position to accept more divyang individuals who need our help, which is very saddening for us.

With the help of local builders we have partially acquired a small adjoining plot (land) and finding it really hard to expand and build with available resources and local donations.

This is the first time we are going for online crowdfunding as we want to show the world what we do and how they can help these individuals feel normal and loved.


If you need more information, please contact us.

Thank you for visiting us.